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Learning OrCAD/Allegro/PSpice can be tough

For 10 years, Kirsch Mackey struggled to finish simulations and projects using Allegro and PSpice. Then in 2014, he suddenly needed to teach university students Allegro and PSpice to finish their projects and graduate as electrical and electronics engineers. Every step from circuit concept to working prototype, Kirsch learned how they all tie together and how to account for them in the Cadence software. But learning Allegro/OrCAD was really hard.
Now Kirsch wants to share his knowledge, tips and tricks with you so you can finish your work sooner than later in OrCAD, PSpice and Allegro.

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Our Values

Everyone can learn this software

We believe in learning everything possible there is to know about the OrCAD and PSpice software tools to get your work done quickly. We believe in helping, whether you are the hobbyist who wants to learn a professional-level PCB software. Or if you are an inventor/entrepreneur building a top secret product. Or maybe you’re an engineer seeking new opportunities and must train in Allegro/OrCAD to make it possible…we believe in teaching for your learning style and meeting your goals in the ways you need them met.

Purpose 03


Teaching the software so you can build hardware

We assume you have some understanding of electronic circuit theory (resistors, diodes, capacitors, inductors, etc.). Courses are mainly the software in an organized structured (but still creative) way, so you have one less barrier to your hardware bringup. We are teaching in phases, starting and focusing on simpler PCB designs, but using as many of the software features as possible. This reduces the instruction length while maximizing software feature knowledge. Eventually we will teach more complex designs.

Our Service Categories

There is so much we know you will achieve. Just keep going!


Skills for creating superior schematics in OrCAD Capture, sensible circuit simulations in PSpice and presentable PCBs in OrCAD PCB Editor.


We expect you to learn by yourself, but we provide some help along the way through techniques and a community.


Get knowledge about schematic design, reading data sheets, general PCB standards, technical presentations and the product design cycle.


Prompt conversation and collaboration within your community of learners with forums integrated in this website and the courses.


This website is for learners in almost every country and currency. Complete checkout PayPal, Square and Stripe. Email admin@learnorcadonline.com for more options.


Feel free to ask for help. All designs and people are different. If you want some personalized guidance, ask any time.