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What does Learn OrCAD Online do?


Learn OrCAD provides tips and tricks using PSpice, Allegro and OrCAD

Online Courses

Kirsch Mackey, certified in OrCAD, shows you practical ways to use the software

OrCAD/Allegro Capture (17.2 and 16.6)
Schematic Design and Bill of Materials (BOM) 88%
PSpice A/D & Advanced Analysis (17.2 and 16.6)
Circuit simulation / Rapid Prototyping 94%
OrCAD/Allegro PCB Editor (17.2 and 16.6)
PCB Layout and Design for Manufacture (DFM) 90%

Our team

Kirsch is an electrical systems engineer who loves learning and teaching tech. A certified user of the OrCAD software.

OrCAD Certified - Capture
OrCAD Certified - PSpice Essentials
OrCAD Certified - PCB Editor

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