fbpx Get your PCB design products for free???

Get your PCB design products for free???

There are so many software programs to choose from when designing a printed circuit board (PCB), from KiCAD to Altium, PADS and on and on. But there is one PCB design software that you can get for free that you can use to build the products that can help you meet your goals and that is OrCAD Lite. OrCAD Lite is a free PCB design software you can use to:

  • Create a detailed, professional-looking circuit schematic
  • Simulate the circuit to see if the circuit works the way it should
  • Send the schematic to a printed circuit design
  • Save your designs locally without the need for cloud storage
  • Manufacture your product and accomplish your goals!

OrCAD Lite doesn’t have any time limits. It is a Lite version of the full software, and OrCAD is an industry-leading software program for PCB design and simulation. Be aware that if you get the software, make sure you get the Lite version. Do not get the Trial version being advertised, until you’re ready to do complex designs greater than 4-6 layers with more than 100 components.

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If you want a no-commitment, no strings, no nonsense piece of software that will make you more professional and help you get your designs done, then what are you waiting for? Try out OrCAD Lite now (Ignore the ad for the Trial)

How to Learn OrCAD Fast!

But where do you start? If you want a quick introduction to OrCAD, then you can sign up for our Free video series on our home page. You can just go and get 35 free videos that will guide you on how to do a simple, easy, fast design, with simulation, from start to finish.

But what if you want more than that? You need to understand how making a design really works. There is engineering you need to consider, how electronics work, how to find components from electronics vendors and even more.

If you want a head start in what it takes to really get a design finished, then check out our course, Become a Beast in OrCAD / Allegro.