Free Tutorials

Here are some free tutorials video you can use to get started with the three big OrCAD (or Allegro) tools:

  • OrCAD Capture – for schematic design
  • PSPICE – for circuit simulation
  • PCB Editor – for printed circuit board layout

Important: As of December 2019, OrCAD Lite is no longer available. You will need to download OrCAD Trial (you get one installation per machine) or the get the full version of the software if you want to follow along.

Getting Good at OrCAD Capture (Free tutorials)

PSpice Essentials

Free tutorials on how to use PSPICE to simulate your circuits.

PCB Editor Tutorial – Rebuild a MOSFET Footprint and Learn PCB Editor

Here is another playlist with free tutorials you can use to modify an existing footprint for a MOSFET. The Lite version of OrCAD was used to make the video, but you can use any full version of the software.

Watch the entire PCB design flow from start to finish

In the video series below, Kirsch Mackey takes you through the entire PCB design process using OrCAD Lite, which is unavailable as of December 2019, but you can still follow along if you have the trial version or full version of the software.

If you want even more in depth training, check out some Online Courses. Once you subscribe or enroll, you can:

  • engage with other students in the community sections
  • start discussions about any video lecture
  • get quick answers to questions in the course
  • troubleshoot errors
  • student-specific or professional-specific tips and tricks from real experience

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