fbpx Getting good at OrCAD Capture – What is a Project? (.OPJ File)[VIDEO]

Getting good at OrCAD Capture – What is a Project? (.OPJ File)[VIDEO]

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Video Description:

This video shows what makes a full project in OrCAD Capture (also CIS). The Capture project (.OPJ file) includes:
– Design Files
– Schematics
– Part Libraries
– Outputs
– PSpice Support Files (if you are simulating)


In this video I’ll show and explain what a project actually is in OrCAD Capture. So to figure out what is in your project in OrCAD capture. Go to the project tab here and it shows you where your project and design is actually located. It includes a lot of things. One being your design and the design would include multiple schematic pages, so you can include as many schematics as you want in each schematic and have as many pages as you want. Here I have an Arduino Uno and this is a fork off the Arduino Uno. [It] has one page of one schematic in my entire project, but the schematic is not the only thing. We also have a design cache that shows you your most recently used parts and parts are found in this thing called a library. The project includes a library and each library that you have would include any parts that you want to add to your schematic design.

Next, what we have in a project or outputs. Output show you what happened or what’s going on with your project. So right here I ran a design rules check and if I open this up, it will show me all the errors that I have in my design after the check and anything else like creating a netlist, you’ll get output files sent to this folder. Next to project might also have any reference projects. So you, if you want, you can add a project that somebody else created or a schematic and then use material or content from that project/schematic into your own project or design. Then lastly is the PSpice resources. If you want to simulate your project, you can then include include files, how have model libraries, do simulation profiles, and also have certain stimulus files to do a specific type of simulation.

So there’s a lot that goes on on is included in just a project in OrCAD Capture. There are a lot of things that are included in the project including design, schematic pages, your library, outputs, uh, parts in those libraries, reference projects and PSpice resources. And if you have questions and want to learn more about OrCAD, feel free to email me at kirsch@learnonline.com with your questions, or if you have special requests that you’d like to see [ask] in the comments section below and just ask your questions if you have anything you want to know about or that I can help with. All right. Thank you.

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