fbpx How to create custom footprints in Allegro PCB Editor

How to create custom footprints in Allegro PCB Editor

Do you want to make your own PCB footprint symbols in Allegro/OrCAD but don’t know where to start? Watch this in-depth tutorial on how to do exactly that. You can also navigate the time stamps to the part you really want to get to.

This video is long, so if you’d like to view it in smaller chunks, you can find the playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list…

Here’s what we cover in this video:

2:52 Creating a New Package Symbol

3:15 Folder Setup

4:00 Setting Up PCB Designer Environment

4:17 Changing Project Units (mm, mil, inch)

4:50 Changing Grid Spacing

5:55 Grids On/Off

6:04 Changing the Package Symbol Origin

7:25 Drawing the Package Symbol Outline

7:28 Adding a Non-Zero Width Line

8:20 Placing the Lines with Absolute Precision

10:36 Duplicating a Shape

11:18 Fix Can’t Click Anything Problem

11:35 Changing the Shape Active Class and Subclass

12:02 How to Move an Object/Drawing/Shape

13:30 Adding Text to Create a Reference Designator

14:40 Adding Text to Create Silkscreen Text

15:42 How to Change Silkscreen Text Color

16:55 How to Change Text Photo Width

18:32 Creating Custom Pins Using Padstack Editor (17.2)

19:11 Making an SMD pin pad

20:26 Adding SMD pin pad soldermask

20:49 Adding SMD pin pad pastemask

21:22 Saving and naming padstacks

26:30 Checking the padstack location and extension

26:50 Adding Pins to a Package Symbol (Footprint)

27:49 Placing the 1st pin correctly

29:08 Placing the 2nd pin correctly

30:39 Placing the 3rd pin correctly Moving Text Around

31:48 Fixing not able to click anything problem (Generaledit)

32:20 Selecting only the text in the package symbol (Super Filter)

32:50 Moving the text around

33:02 Changing the text (pin number) color Finishing Up the Package Symbol Footprint Design

33:59 Adding Package Geometry Outline Silkscreen

35:13 How to Pan in PCB Designer 17.2 Ending – Extra Information

36:50 Using Pre-made Package Symbols and Footprints

37:24 How to open Pre-made Package Symbols and Footprints

38:36 How to Change 0 Line Width Problem

38:47 Show Element to get more information about a component

39:29 How to Edit the text Photo Width