fbpx OrCAD Capture Essentials – Start Page + Online Courses[VIDEO]

OrCAD Capture Essentials – Start Page + Online Courses[VIDEO]

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Video Description:

OrCAD Capture CIS Lite
Open the Start Page
Under the Home Page you can start New Projects, Open Projects, and New Designs

Learning Resources – See the full user manual, tutorials, help, PSpice resources, what’s new and videos

OrCAD Apps – check out the OrCAD App store. Apps are software tools to extend the functionality of OrCAD Capture. Some apps are Part Link Power by Digi-Key and nsWare PDF.

Reference Designs – Find free designs for real-world applications by Silicon Expert. Very cool

Enroll in online courses on Learnorcadonline.com:

1. Getting Started with OrCAD Capture and PCB Editor
For Students, Hobbyists, Learn the PCB Design Process and adding OrCAD to the resume

Getting Started with PCB Design Using Cadence OrCAD Capture and Allegro PCB Editor (LV1)

2. PCB Design using OrCAD + PCB Library Expert
For PCB/hardware engineers or users already familiar with OrCAD who want to cut their design time in half

PCB Design Using Cadence OrCAD, PSpice & Allegro + PCB Library Expert (3D Modeling) (LV2)

3. Analog Circuit Simulation with PSpice

For students taking Circuits 1 and 2

Analog Circuit Simulation Using Cadence OrCAD Capture and PSpice

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