fbpx How to debug your OrCAD projects quickly


How to debug your OrCAD projects quickly

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a tool that tells you every component you place on your circuit design and every change and analysis you do on your circuit?

Well that tool exists and it is called the Session Log


The Session Log (log_280x280.jpg) keeps a record of everything you do with your circuit design, from start to finish. It also displays any errors you have when you run into a problem.

To find the Session log_280x280.jpg window, go to Window – Session Log, then it will appear at the bottom of your OrCAD Capture window.

In the window, you can scroll up and down to see what it’s logged for you. Think of your Session Log log_280x280.jpg as the flight recording black box tool on your airplane and you as the pilot. Everything gets recorded!

How can you benefit from this amazing tool?

  • awareness of what you are actually doing in your circuit schematic
  • know where each part is place and where you click on a schematic
  • find out which parts have errors when creating a net list
  • debug your bill of materials generation
  • errors in your simulations

The above list is not everything, but hopefully you get the idea. When you are working, this is what the Session Log is doing:

log_280x280 log_sheet.png

Keeping a steady record to help you along the way! For more information about OrCAD Capture and schematic design entry, check out our training videos on YouTube.

Keeping designing and refining!