fbpx OrCAD Capture Tutorial – Creating a New Project[VIDEO]

OrCAD Capture Tutorial – Creating a New Project[VIDEO]

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Video Description:

Do you know what happens when you create an project using OrCAD Capture (CIS) or Allegro Design Entry HDL Capture?

Whenever you create a new project, you get the following options:

Name: do not include spaces, or special characters. Only Alphanumeric characters.

Project Type:
PSpice analog or Mixed A/D
Many new users of OrCAD make the mistake of not choosing PSpice Analog or Mixed A/D when they want to simulate. You must choose this option to simulate.

PC Board Wizard
PC board for designs to be used with PCB board layout tools.

Programmable Logic Wizard
Programmable logic project for designs that may include Verilog or VHDL models as part of the structure. Projects of this nature will often use simulation and synthesis tools as part of the design flow. When you create a programmable logic project, certain folders are added to the project.

Select this type of project if none of the other project types apply.
Using this option, Capture creates a basic project containing only the design file.

The DSNlck file
Whenever you have a project open, your project folder will create a .DSNlck file. Be sure to never delete the file! This file prevents others from editing your project while it is open.

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