fbpx Own OrCAD for less than $500!

Own OrCAD for less than $500!

Hmm, a perpetual OrCAD license for less than $485? EMA Design Automation just sent out a flyer where you can purchase a full standard license of OrCAD CApture and OrCAD PCB Editor for just $485. Here is what you get with this promotion:

· OrCAD Capture & OrCAD PCB Editor (Powered by Allegro) Perpetual License
(Available through OrCAD PCB Standard Suite) | normal cost is $2,227

· First Year Maintenance Including Updates and Live Support | normal cost is $443

· 6 Months Access to Ultra Librarian for OrCAD | normal cost is $400

So is it worth it to buy the software? Should you just stick with the Lite version? It depends.

If you have relatively small projects that go up to 4 or even 6 layers with no more than 75 components and nets in your design, then just keep using OrCAD Lite. However, for serious projects, like a rebuild of an Arduino Uno, or a dc-dc buck-boost battery charger with circuit protection, then you’ll need limits removed when it comes to OrCAD Lite and this promotion would be a great option.

Here are some reasons to buy

The cost: How can you get a monetary return on investing in this software? Ultra Librarian can save you a fair amount of time so you don’t have to spend hours on just building parts for your project. If you are doing any serious hobby projects, you’ll need to work without limits anyway, especially for some invention you want to keep private. So for at least 6 months, Ultra Librarian can help you save lots of time.

If you are a freelancer or professional, then you need a professional tool that can let you do the work you need to do. This promotional price point is great for achieving that goal and having that kind of professionalism.

Factors to consider before buying

Consider whether you have projects that would reimburse you for the $485 price tag within 2-3 months, and if you could use OrCAD quickly enough to finish paid projects.

If you are just starting to learn OrCAD, maybe you want to become skilled with the Lite version of the software first.

However, if you take too long to learn the software using the Lite version, then you could lose the opportunity to buy OrCAD at a lower price and not have to worry about a new sale again. So this decision is up to you, and is based on circuit project complexity. Just work through these courses quickly. Even skip some modules or lessons to achieve your goals first, then review anything you skipped if you are curious about more information. But you don’t necessarily have to purchase the software either…

Here are some considerations to NOT buy

Let’s say you have $485 but times are tough and money is a little difficult to hold onto…but you really would like the software deal.

If you have money in an account for an emergency, I do not recommend pulling from that account to buy this software. Emergencies can and will come and oftentimes times you need money immediately and reliably. There may be other things you can buy that can significantly add to your quality of life, like health-based products or other education or quality of life goals. List the benefits of buying this software (even at a sale price like this one) versus other benefits/priorities in life then the list might answer the question for you.

What if you have the money but not sure if you should buy?

If you have extra cash on hand, or may not have an extra $485 cash laying around but can put the purchase on a credit card, just think about what you can do with the OrCAD software that can make it pay for itself (while you’re using it of course) within 2-3 months. If you do not have a plan set up to pay you back for purchasing the software (preferably through the software itself), or any way for the software to make money for you, then consider what other things that money can buy that will give you your money back within a reasonable time. If you don’t have anything in mind that would return the $485 back to you, and want to buy anyway, then that’s okay. By all means, if you have the extra funds and it won’t cause any trouble for you, then purchase the software and be proud of your investment.

Considerations if you want to buy but can’t find the money

Think about what you spend $485 on per month already that give you no monetary or skill-based return at all. You may pull funds from those things and activities, so that you’re not spending any more money than you normally would per month and voila! If you can commit to not enjoying some of the things you normally spend $485 on per month, then buying this software might be a good option for you (i.e. if you intend on actually still using the software regularly, to get a new job, to finish a paid project, etc.).

But the real decision must be made by you and what you need.

In the end, you must take a look at what EMA Design Automation is really offering and speak with a representative about the options that come with the software. Ask them about autorouting and any other features they can add or that already come included.

When you have gotten all the right information, then you will know if it’s right for you. At the same time, though don’t just let them sell you! Sell yourself first. You’ll know if it’s right or not and if you do not purchase this time, then this kind of sale will probably happen again eventually next November 2019 – February 2020 anyway. Because who knows if next year might be a much better time for you any way.

Here is a link to EMA Design Automation’s promotion: link

I hope this all helps.

Happy Engineering!